Implemented by: Quality Manager
Issue date: 27th January 2018
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Emsworth Stability Plus Limited recognises that our operations have an effect on the local and regional environment.

The Environmental Management System we have implemented allows us to continue to provide our Clients with the services we offer at the highest quality, whilst undertaking measures to continually improve our environmental performance.

In order to maintain and improve our environmental performance, the company is committed to:

  • Conserve and protect the environment and, where possible, improve it through the services we provide
  • Develop and improve our Environmental Management System
  • Adhere to all relevant legislative and regulation requirements


We shall achieve these aims by ensuring we have a continuing commitment to:

  • Train our members of staff in good environmental practices and keep them aware of our environmental impacts
  • Minimise waste through efficient use of materials. All waste will be disposed under controlled conditions, utilising recycling and/or re-use where possible
  • Maintain and operate our equipment to the highest standards in order to reduce the impact on the environment
  • Be aware of the risks that our operations may have on the environment and be prepared to cope with emergencies that may occur


This policy is communicated to all members of staff and is made available to the public. All personnel understand their obligations under this policy statement, and abide with the principals and contents of the Integrated Management System. We will constantly monitors and reviews its environmental performance and this Environmental Policy Statement in order to ensure its continuing suitability, and will implement improvements whenever appropriate.